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Sanmyaku 1.0.5

A theme featuring mountains using Zurb Foundation 5

Sanmyaku: A theme for Vanilla Forums

Release Dependency Status

Preview the theme

A test forum has been set up to provide a working preview for the theme.

Getting started

To get started using Sanmyaku for Vanilla, either:

$ git clone https://github.com/CodeSequence/sanmyaku.git


You will need to following tools globally installed to build this theme:

  • node ~v5.5.0
  • npm ~3.3.12
  • bower ~1.4.1

Compiling assets

Run npm install to get started.

Build - gulp build

Runs the default Gulp task which will compile all theme assets.
* JavaScripts will be concatenated and output to (js/custom.js).
* Sass stylesheets will be compiled to (design/custom.css).
* Sass theme-option stylesheets will be prefixed with custom_ and compiled to (design/custom_themeoptionname.css).
* Images are optimized and placed in (app/images).
* Theme screenshots are optimized and place in (design/imagename.png).
* Icons are compiled to (app/icons).

Watch - gulp

Starts the build process and then uses browserync to watch and update the browser on changes.
To use the watch process you will need to update your (gulp/config.js) projectUrl to be the url used for development.

Theme Options

The theme comes pre-configured with a light and dark theme. Light will is the default and dark can be set under theme options in the admin panel.

Mobile Theme

Sanmyaku is built to be responsive. To set this theme as your mobile theme you will need to manually edit the vanilla forums conf/config.php

Update or add $Configuration['Garden']['MobileTheme'] = 'sanmyaku';.

Easily Customizable

The theme is easy to customize. Simply update the variables located in the app/scss/theme_options/dark/_settings.scss file to easily change fonts, colors & images. Another option is to copy the dark theme directory and create a new theme folder and sass file with the name of your theme that imports the new theme folder. You will then need to add the theme options name to about.php file after 'Dark' => '%s_dark'.

If you have built an awesome color scheme and want to share it with the community, submit a pull request!

Issue tracking

If you come across any bugs or if you have a feature request, please file an issue using the GitHub Issue tracker. the Sanmyaku theme won't be supported through http://vanillaforums.org so please stick to using GitHub for inquiries about bugs and feature requests. Thanks!

File a new issue or feature request

Copyright 2016 © CodeSequence. Licensed under the terms of the MIT License

Based on the original Foundation theme developed by Kasper Kronborg Isager