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Crude RSS 1.0.4

Mostly comprised of the official RSS2 v.1.0.2 Add-on, this is a very crude attempt to resolve shortcomings of the RSS2 Add-on. With a little manual setup, this Add-on provides the following fixes over the official RSS2 Add-on:
  • Fixes the pagination/latest comment bug (Thanks to Mark and Jetthe!)
  • Always displays the latest replies (not discussion summaries) for all pages
  • Improves Feed Title context in Search feeds
  • Provides a means to use Feedburner feeds on Discussion pages
Crude RSS starts by completely removing the RSS feeds for the index.php pages. I found that the index.php feeds offered very little to users since it would only show the original comment for each discussion over and over again — no matter what the most recent comment was.

Luckily, the Search result feeds are much more appropriate for the index pages because they automatically return the latest individual comments and replies for all relevant discussions. So, with the proper parameters, a Search-driven RSS feed can be manually created as the perfect RSS feed for each individual Index/Category page.

Additionally, by manually applying the RSS feeds to the Index pages (which includes the "All Discussions" page and the individual Category pages) one could, in theory, swap the acutal RSS urls with Feedburner URLs that point to these manually created Search feed URLs for each Index page. This of course is optional, and requires a tiny bit of organization. While doing this doesn't provide complete Feedburner coverage, it would provide Feedburner coverage for the feeds with the widest usage.

Since Crude RSS disables the feeds for all of the index pages, you must manually set them up by following the instructions inside the default.php file. You can easily determine the proper feed URL for each index page by going to the Advanced Search page and running a comment search (without keywords) on the whole site (for the "All Discussions" page), and then running additional Advanced searches to target comments on individual categories. Once you have determined the proper URL structure for each index page, you simply insert these URLs into the default.php provided and repeat for each category on your site.

Please note that this is a very unrefined attempt at solving the RSS issues. But, hopefully this approach might inspire someone else to take this Add-on a step further.