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Nuggets 1.1.6

Allows administrators to create/edit/delete role and page specific blocks of code called "Nuggets" For eg Ads/Banners Metatags or pretty much anything
Thanks to SirNot for Page Manager. Wallphone and Dinoboff for help with code.

Make sure u have write permission on the Nugget Folder. it should be 777

When you first enable the extension you will see a "Nugget Management" link in your panel. Click on it to see this
Nugget Holders
All the areas that are hashed in yellow colors are Nugget Holders, They only appear on the Nugget Forms. They are there to visually guide you as to where the Nugget will Approximately appear.

Read Nugget Documentation before you start using it. There are important pointers, that you do not want to miss.
Nugget Documentation

Click on "Cook a new Nugget"
New/Edit Nugget
Fill in the name and the Nugget html. PHP and Javascript support is enabled. Select the pages you want the nugget to appear and which roles are allowed to view them. For eg if you want Google adsense to be shown only to guests, then select "unauthenticated" role only. For Ads, you should select "hide Nugget Name" option, so you can just see just the Ad and not a heading over it.

All new nuggets by default are frozen. Select the pan that you want the Nugget to appear, and the weight (you did read the documentation didn't ya. If not, then do it right now).
Nugget List

Known Issues
Sometimes Panel Nuggets do not appear on Page Manager pages. Its because Page Manager reconstructs the Panel, and sometimes missing Nuggets extension. If that happens just disable and enable Page Manager again.

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