Feed Publisher 0.3.2

Handles feed publishing. Based on CrudeRSS, RSS2 and ATOM (thanks to Mark and Dan39).

Feed Publisher is a remix of these three extensions.
It has enhanced internationalization, clearer flow, separated config files (main and categories) and handles boths feed types: rss *and* atom.

Please try to join on Assembla for feedback, or leave a word in the dedicated forum discussion, in this discussion or directly to christophegragnic [at] yahoo [dot] fr.

see readme.txt


0.3.2 (08/08/10)
Fixed add-on name to make the updater work (thanks to elm).

0.3.1 (07/11/29)
Fixed display bug.

0.3.0 (07/10/31)
Added a config option to prevent FP to stop the execution of Vanilla.
This allows us to use the SimpleCache add-on.
If ExitAfterFeed is set to false, some useless processing is done, though.

0.2.0 (07/07/10)
xml-stylesheet tag added to the feeds according to config settings
xml declaration for RSS2 feeds was missing, now fixed

0.1.0 (07/07/03)
feed item description now formatted according to the relevant formatter
css classes for feed links (uppercase: RSS2 & ATOM)

0.0.3 (07/06/24)
fixed the deprecated Call-time pass-by-reference issue

0.0.2 (07/06/23)
total internationalization
new flow,
ATOM integration:
- renaming 'rss' functions
- pass the $FeedType parameter
for the ATOM feed extension (Mark) see
categories configuration more simple and in a separate file