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UserAward 1.4.1

Allows an administrator to make an award to a member. This could, for example, be for help given or for a donation that has been made.

This is a role based feature. Just check 'Can make an award to a user' on the 'Roles & Permissions' page for those roles you wish to be able to give awards. 'Make an Award' will appear as a link on the 'Account Options' side panel menu list.

Compatability with UserGifts
Version 1.0.2 or later of UserAward should be used if this extension is to be used at the same time as UserGifts.

Changing the 'award notice'
If you would like to change the content or layout of the 'Award Notice', edit and add the following to your myforum/conf/language.php file:

$Context->SetDefinition('UserAwardNotice', 'An award has been made to you by {awardedby} with the following message: <b>{awardnotes}</b>');

{awardedby} will be replaced by the 'username' of the person who made the award
{awardnotes} will be replaced by the award message.

Adding the following line will hide the separate notice about viewing the award history (this could be added to the above code).
$Context->SetDefinition('UserAwardListNotice', '');

Known Issues and Future Improvements

For a user to be able to edit or delete an award made to a user they must also have permission to make an award to a user.

From version 1.1 awards are displayed in their 'value' order. A future version will include an option to display awards in the order they were made.

If you have an earlier version and have edited 'awards.php' to display your own award types please check the latest version of 'awards.php'.

Reset the database
To force UserAward to recreate the database table and to delete all awards made, remove the following line from 'conf/settings.php':

$Configuration['USERAWARD_VERSION'] = '1.x';

NB Any awards made will also be removed.

Version History
Version 1.4.1
- Fixed unexpected & error

Version 1.4
- Now uses Vanilla Framework when creating/checking UserAward table.

Version 1.3
- Fix for database error experienced by some users.

Version 1.2
- Sorted problem with repeated sorting of the awards.
- Fixed problem with deleting award types and then adding a new award type which resulted in the incorrect icon being displayed.
- Added option to hide the award notice when making an award
- Each icon now has a unique filename so no need to override image cache
- Now possible to delete all award types. The 'Make an Award' link is not available if there are no awards defined.
- Minor bug fix for problem with upgrading the database table (thanks bmw)
- Sort order now correct when new award is made
- Smaller version of the 'star' icon so that it takes up less room on the comments page

Version 1.1
- Awards now displayed in 'value' order
- All awards now displayed on comments page
- Number of stars on the discussions page reflects the number of awards

Version 1.0.3
- Fixed problem where UserAward changed to the wrong user when an award is made without a note.
- Only use 'Fullname' if the users has enabled the option.

Version 1.0.2
- Small code change for compatability with UserGifts

Version 1.0.1
- Now possible to remove the notice about 'history of awards' (see above).

Version 1.0
- Improved award message (thanks to eugen and kalikiana)
- Fixed problem with 'Extension Options'
- Used dictionary definition for 'Edit'
- Correct use of 'AccountOptions'

Version 0.9b
- Fixed problem where 'Award Message' was not been hidden.
- Added 'Extension Options' to language file.

Version 0.8b
- Fixed problem where some users were being 'locked out' of the accounts page.

Version 0.7.1b
- Included missing icon files and correct version of awards.php

Version 0.7b
- Fixed problem where users with permission to add an award were not able to.
- Added correct message when deleting an award made to a user.

Version 0.6b
- Added method of creating, editing and removing different award types
- Added check for Redirect()
- Added check for write access to awards.php and icons folder

Version 0.5b
- Added 'Settings' page
- Option to choose where and when awards are displayed

Version 0.3b
- Moved database settings to UserAward/conf/database.php
- Moved lanuage settings to UserAward/conf/language.php
- Added 'Notice' of awards

Version 0.2b
- Minor code changes

Version 0.1b
- First beta release

If you find this extension useful please consider making a donation. Then at least I would have something to show my wife for all the hours I spend writing Vanilla Extensions!