FeedThis 1.03

This is a forked version of the "Feed Publisher" extension. This involves no messy configuration files, but instead there are a number preset feeds that can be configured from the settings panel. I have forked this because some people want the extra power of configuration files, and didn't feel they worked hand in hand particularly well.

There are a small number of finetune options in finetune.php should you wish to attach stylesheets to your feeds, add support for Simple Cache, turn off either RSS2 or ATOM feeds, or have custom URLS for FeedBurner support.

This is currently working on my sites, spodesabode.com and thinkabouttech.com, and because it is in use, I intend on maintaining the code. Please get in touch with me if you find any bugs or have feature requests.


- Supports RSS2 and ATOM Feeds
- Supports authentication for private forums.
- Feeds "All Discussions", "Per Discussion", "Per Category", "Blog", "Per User Blog", "Per User Comments", "Search Results".
- Supports word count limit in feed.
- Supports persistent "All Discussions" feed on all pages.
- Supports persistent "Blog" feed on all pages.
- Supports BlogThis and TagThis
- Supports Publishing FeedBurner URLs



v1.03 - Fixed the order of "All Discussions" feed (now by activity). Fixed out-by-one bug with feed limit. Fixed possibly incompatiblity with another extension. Added option to remove sidebar links to allow just the browser to pick it up.
v1.02 - Fixed an issue with URLs in feeds not having the friendly title in. Added support for custom FeedBurner URLs.
v1.01 - Fixed error with version number. Fixed issue with private forum authentication. Fixed order of feeds. Fixed issue were those without BlogThis permissions were getting blog feeds. Fixed issue with blog feeds inside discussions getting the wrong URLs.
v1.00 - Initial Forked Release