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Snippets 0.1.2

This is an experimental beta. Use at your own risk. It also means that it is subject to change dramatically between versions.

Snippets are an alternative the quotes that work on the global level, regardless of what formatter you are using. The Snippets are actual references to comments rather then replicated data, which ensures genuine content and so it may save you some space in the database. It also render in the format the Snippeted comment was original intended. This is a very versatile tool with multiple features. However instead of going on about it here I thought I would follow with screen shots to illustrate, then the help file that comes with it to clear up any confusion.

First some general information for administrators and developers:

  • PHP 5 (not compatible with PHP 4)
  • Tested on Vanilla 1.1.5a
  • Browsers that are not prehistoric help
  • SetList by squirrel (install it first please!!)
  • It is designed to work with XHTML, which is the default. This is because, while it is not an XHTML parser it knows that all tags must have a closing tag or self close. Therefore if you are writing a formatter, make sure this is the case and you have well formed tags. If they are self closing make sure you self close them so <img /> not <img> Although, in fact it know all the standard tags that cannot contain children. But all tags can be self closed in XHTML. For help look at the DTD for XHTML
  • If you are using QwikPost please download the latest version (install it first please!!)
  • This should be compatible with most text formatters as it is global formatters working with the raw output.
  • Fragment snippets have some limitations due to the way it is calculated/measured. Expect things that change the comment on the client side to conflict with Fragment snippets. QwikPost is an exception as it forces server side rendering for snippet fragment. Also text embellishments/annotation in the comment added later that are not part of the comment data, or changes to how the comment is rendered, may affect the accuracy of fragments. These may be acceptable limitations, however I have thought of some possible solutions that may work, particularly how client side extensions could cooperate.
  • Preview post. Strongly recommended as it will make Snippets easer to use (install it first please!!)
Enjoy. Please let me know how you get on.