Vanilla TinyMCE 0.6

TinyMCE jQuery WYSIWYG plugin for Vanilla 2.

Adds the TinyMCE WYSIWYG plugin to Vanilla 2. Works with the latest release version of Vanilla 2.x

Includes 3 Modes:

  • FULL: The complete TinyMCE Toolbar
  • ADVANCED: Lacks a few of the options in the FULL toolbar
  • SIMPLE (Default): The most simple functions of TinyMCE

I submitted A FIX to Vanilla 2.0.3 that is required in order for this (and other plugins) to work.

**In this initial version you'll have to manually edit the default.php file to specify one of the modes above. Future versions will allow you to do it via the Admin.


  • I updated the folder name to fix the plugin not found issue.