Aelia Advanced Analytics

Analytics Plugin. Adds tracking code, such as Google Analytics, allowing to ignore specific users or roles.

You can find more free plugins on my website: Free Vanilla Forums plugins.

Yet one more analytics plugin, inspired and, initially, derived from, the excellent one made by lifeisfoo. It started as a fork of the original plugin, then I found myself "deviating" quite significantly from the original design, so I thought it would make more sense to keep it separate.

Main features

  • Support for Google Analytics.
  • Support for StatCounter.
  • Possibility of filtering by user id, or by role.


  • Vanilla 2.0.10.x or later. It should work with Vanilla 2.1, but it has not been tested on it.
  • Aelia Foundation Classes plugin, version or later.
  • The theme used on the site must fire the AfterBody event in its master template, or the tracking code will not be added to the pages.


  • Plugin has not been tested with Vanilla 2.1. We cannot guarantee that it will work with such version.
  • Plugin is provided as is. I won't be able to provide support for it, but I'm sure that the community will be happy to help, in case of need.


<p>GPLv3 (<a href="" target="_blank"></a>)</p>

Public repository on Github


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