Users running a non-download version of Vanilla (pulled from github), on branch release/2019.016 or master from the last 2 weeks should upgrade to release/2019.017 or latest master for security reasons. Downloaded official open sources releases are not affected.

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  • Like
    Adds the facebook like button and a share button to the discussion.Based on Gary Mardell Liked plugin
    Plugin Version 1.2 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 1,139 Updated
  • Fawdaw Avatars
    Makes 3D avatar the face of your Minecraft skin. Requires user name matches Minecraft name. Uses for avatar generation.
    Plugin Version 1.2.4 Author gorgonsteel Downloads 1,137 Updated
  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics. Require theme that has AfterBody event.
    Plugin Version 1.1.8 Author S Downloads 1,131 Updated
  • Approval Email Notification
    Sends an email when a new application for membership is received.
    Plugin Version 0.1.0 Author rscott Downloads 1,129 Updated
  • Polski / Polish
    Official Polish language translations for Vanilla. Help contribute to this translation by going to its translation site here.
    Locale Name (en) Polish Translated 77% Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 1,129 Updated
  • Purchase Premium Roles
    Allows users to upgrade their accounts, through MarketPlace. This is a public fork of PremiumAccounts but made to work with MarketPlace, and multiple roles can be registered as products.
    Plugin Version 0.1.7b Author x00 Downloads 1,123 Updated
  • Emoji Pro
    Enables Emoji in discussions and comments. Emojifies emoticons.
    Plugin Version 1.0 Author Anonymoose Downloads 1,122 Updated
  • Italian
    Traduzione completa in Italiano.
    Locale Author SnakeEater Downloads 1,111 Updated
  • Contact
    A Contact Form that anyone can access to leave info and a message.
    Plugin Version 1.4 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 1,099 Updated
  • IP2Location
    Displays the visitor’s geolocation information based on their IP address.
    Plugin Version 1.3.1 Author hexasoft Downloads 1,097 Updated
  • Formatting
    Adds more formatting options to the Vanilla dashboard for those disinclined to edit config files manually.
    Plugin Version 1.1 Author Linc Downloads 1,093 Updated
  • Green mobile
    A design for mobile browsers, green and orange with search support.
    Theme Version 1.1.1 Author lena Downloads 1,090 Updated
  • 中文(台灣) / Chinese (Taiwan)
    Official Chinese (Taiwan) language translations for Vanilla. Help contribute to this translation by going to its translation site here.
    Locale Name (en) Chinese (Taiwan) Translated 99% Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 1,087 Updated
  • Vkontakte Authentication
    Vkontakte authentication for Garden. This is modified Facebook Connect plugin.
    Plugin Version 1.30 Author S Downloads 1,081 Updated
  • Steam Sign In
    Allows users to sign in with their Steam accounts. Please click Settings, after enabling the plugin, to enable displaying the "Sign in through Steam" button.
    Plugin Version 14.01.19 Author businessdad Downloads 1,080 Updated
  • Ru Locale
    Русский перевод. If you want to create your own locale pack copy and rename this folder into your locales folder.
    Locale Author pansik Downloads 1,078 Updated
  • Русский (PETR1708) / Russian (PETR1708)
    Official Russian (PETR1708) language translations for Vanilla. Help contribute to this translation by going to its translation site here.
    Locale Name (en) Russian (PETR1708) Translated 81% Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 1,072 Updated
  • EnigmaRed
    A sleek red theme for Vanilla.
    Theme Version 1.0.2 Author lukelarris Downloads 1,048 Updated
  • WebInstall
    Allows to install plugins from an WebInterface like in Drupal7.
    Plugin Version 0.1.0 Author caerostris Downloads 1,046 Updated
  • GlassMobile
    A transparent php mobile theme.You can change the whole look by only changing the background. Most plugins will work.
    Theme Version 1.0 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 1,044 Updated