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  • Cleanskin
    My New Custom Theme for Vanilla by
    Theme Version 1.0 Author phreak Downloads 1,015 Updated
  • EnigmaGreen
    A sleek green theme for Vanilla.
    Theme Version 1.0.2 Author lukelarris Downloads 1,012 Updated
  • User Permissions
    Allows to set custom global permissions for user, ignoring the permissions of user's roles.
    Plugin Version 1.0.7 Author S Downloads 1,007 Updated
  • IP2Location
    Displays the visitor’s geolocation information based on their IP address.
    Plugin Version 1.3.0 Author hexasoft Downloads 1,004 Updated
  • Reliable Russian Localization
    Reliable Russian Localization.
    Plugin Version 0.9.3.Alpha Author S Downloads 990 Updated
  • Hashtag
    Provides #Hashtag support (Automatic creation of Vanilla Tags, side panel display, auto-links and meta area display).
    Plugin Version 2.1.2 Author rbrahmson Downloads 989 Updated
  • Word Count
    Word Count provides you with accurate word and character counts when composing discussions and comments
    Plugin Version 2.1.0 Author Kasper Downloads 982 Updated
  • Fluid
    A fluid version of the default Vanilla Theme
    Theme Version 1.0.1 Author rahulparekh Downloads 982 Updated
  • DeepSea
    A Dark Blue responsive embed friendly and full scale theme for 2.1 with and underwater twist. This theme is very dynamic and can be placed anywhere. Use it in a Facebook Page Or anywhere you want.
    Theme Version 1.5 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 980 Updated
  • EnigmaSilver
    A sleek silver theme for Vanilla.
    Theme Version 1.0.2 Author lukelarris Downloads 976 Updated
  • French Vanilla
    French Vanilla is a light, elegant theme for Vanilla 2.
    Theme Version 1.00 Author cbaber Downloads 976 Updated
  • Articles
    Provides a way to create articles.
    Application Version 1.2.0 Author Shadowdare Downloads 974 Updated
  • Fawdaw Avatars
    Makes default avatar the face of your Minecraft skin. Requires user name matches Minecraft name. Uses for avatar generation.
    Plugin Version 1.2.4 Author gorgonsteel Downloads 967 Updated
  • Individual Seaside
    A Theme For Individualists
    Theme Version 0.2 Author mdr Downloads 967 Updated
  • EMailDiscussion
    Allows users that have certain permissions to mark a discussion as an announcement and have it sent to everybody
    Plugin Version 0.1 Author cdavid Downloads 958 Updated
  • ShowDiscussionAuthor
    Shows discussion author in discussion summary
    Plugin Version 1.3 Author viziona Downloads 951 Updated
  • Traditional
    To be used in conjunction with the Traditional theme. This is a more contemporary layout with a dark theme
    Plugin Version 20120424 Author mcu_hq Downloads 949 Updated
  • Default Responsive
    A light-weight responsive version of the Default Vanilla Forums theme in a 960px container.
    Theme Version 1.1 Author OurWebMedia Downloads 941 Updated
  • DiscussionExcerpt2
    Shows configurable amount of words from discussion in discussion list
    Plugin Version 2.0 Author viziona Downloads 939 Updated
  • Santa Hat
    Puts a small santa hat over avatar. Tested on default theme.
    Plugin Version 1.0.1 Author S Downloads 938 Updated