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  • Reveal Categories
    "Hide from the recent discussions page" setting for categories also hides categories at other pages, too. This plugin restricts hiding to Recent Discussions and reveals categories elsewhere
    Plugin Version 0.1 Author R_J Downloads 101 Updated
  • User Homepage Selector
    Allow a user to select their own homepage preference.
    Plugin Version 1.0.1 Author charrondev Downloads 99 Updated
  • EasyDeleteConversation
    More convenient message deletion.
    Plugin Version 1.1 Author Caylus Downloads 98 Updated
  • Local Drafts
    Replaces the standard auto save draft feature. Auto saved drafts are only stored locally.
    Plugin Version 0.2 Author R_J Downloads 97 Updated
  • Applicant Accepter
    Adds information to user table who accepted an applicant.
    Plugin Version 0.1 Author R_J Downloads 96 Updated
  • Fast Login
    Fast: One-click login, without passwords
    Plugin Version 1.0 Author domm Downloads 95 Updated
  • Catalan Locale
    The public forum text in Catalan (ca-ES).
    Locale Author eestruch Downloads 94 Updated
  • Top Bookmarks
    Provides views of the most bookmarked discussions and global bookmark count in the meta area.
    Plugin Version 1.1.4 Author rbrahmson Downloads 94 Updated
  • Choose Your Own Format
    Lets users choose the format of their posts.
    Plugin Version 1.0 Author JasonBarnabe Downloads 94 Updated
  • Phplist
    Add a optin/optout checkbox at registration page or autosubscribe new users (double opt-in) to your Phplist newsletter.
    Plugin Version 0.1.0 Author arnley Downloads 93 Updated
  • CivilTongueAlert
    Plugin to alert users before they save discussion/comment with banned words
    Plugin Version 1.1 Author rbrahmson Downloads 88 Updated
  • Vienna Royal
    Theme by Olaf Encke, vanilla adaptation by K17. Unfinished theme.
    Theme Version 0.5 Author K17 Downloads 87 Updated
  • HowTo: Settings
    Shows how to create a settings screen for your plugins.
    Plugin Version 0.1 Author R_J Downloads 84 Updated
  • Undismiss Announcement
    Adds an option to "undismiss" announcements.
    Plugin Version 0.2 Author Bleistivt Downloads 81 Updated
  • 淘宝账户登录
    Plugin Version 0.1 Author farmer1992 Downloads 80 Updated
  • Creator
    Allows building plugin skeletons.
    Plugin Version 0.1 Author R_J Downloads 80 Updated
  • தமிழ் / Tamil
    Official Tamil language translations for Vanilla. Help contribute to this translation by going to its translation site here.
    Locale Name (en) Tamil Translated 2% Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 79 Updated
  • Save All Roles
    Circumvents max_input_vars and enables you to save a larger number of roles and custom category permissions.
    Plugin Version 0.1 Author Bleistivt Downloads 78 Updated
  • IPB Format
    Convert BBCode and HTML in posts formatted as "IPB".
    Plugin Version 0.0.1 Author R_J Downloads 73 Updated
  • MMWebFonts
    Myanmar Unicode font embed
    Plugin Version 1.0.4 Author saturngod Downloads 73 Updated