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  • DarkPink
    A Dark Pink design for 2.1
    Theme Version 1.3 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 663 Updated
  • Purple-Haze-Embed-Friendly
    A Tiny Dark Purple Embed Friendly theme that fits in the smallest places. Use it for embedding Vanilla into other applications or a widget with the <Embed> Vanilla plugin.
    Theme Version 1.1 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 473 Updated
  • MobileHome
    Adds a MobileHome Landing page with links to various parts of the forum
    Plugin Version 1.0 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 347 Updated
  • ForceRedirect
    Redirects all Guest users to the Signin page and keeps the parts you don't want to show, private.
    Plugin Version 1.3 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 574 Updated
  • Bonk
    Adds a Custom 404 not found Error Page. Based on peregrine's ExtraPage.
    Plugin Version 1.2 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 777 Updated
  • GreenGlassMobile
    A transparent Dark Green Mobile theme. This theme is the mobile Version of GreenGlass theme.
    Theme Version 1.0 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 320 Updated
  • RedWoodMobile
    A woodsy Mobile theme. This theme is the mobile version of the theme RedWood.
    Theme Version 1.0 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 316 Updated
  • GlassMobile
    A transparent php mobile theme.You can change the whole look by only changing the background. Most plugins will work.
    Theme Version 1.0 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 1,056 Updated
  • No Index
    Allows moderators & curators to mark a discussion as noindex/noarchive.
    Plugin Version 1.0 Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 178 Updated
  • Right to Left (RTL) Support
    Adds a css stub to pages with some tweaks for right-to-left (rtl) languages and adds 'rtl' to body css class.
    Plugin Version 1.0.1 Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 501 Updated
  • Invisibility Cloak
    Hide your forum from the prying eyes of search engines and bots while you set it up.
    Plugin Version 1.0 Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 355 Updated
  • Post Count
    Shows each user's comment total by their name in each comment.
    Plugin Version 1.0.3 Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 11,935 Updated
  • Participated Discussions
    Users may view a list of all discussions they have commented on. This is a more user-friendly version of an 'auto-subscribe' option.
    Plugin Version 1.1.0 Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 2,488 Updated
  • PostUrl
    Plugin Version 1.3.0 Author xjtdy888 Downloads 134 Updated
  • MCHeads Minecraft Heads
    Replaces the default profile picture of your users with their Minecraft head (Based on their username)
    Plugin Version 1.2 Author Mister_Fix Downloads 260 Updated
  • FootBox
    This plugin adds html content boxes at the foot of the page where you can place ads or extra content of any kind just add your html in the editor.
    Plugin Version 1.5 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 829 Updated
  • Index
    This plugin adds a css dropdown menu to the menu list. You can add the html links in the settings page for the plugin.
    Plugin Version 1.9 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 824 Updated
  • IndexDiscussionImage
    Adds the linked Images from the Discussions to the Discussions Index as a Sampler and provides a tooltip to preview the content.
    Plugin Version 2.1 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 698 Updated
  • CDNManager
    Plugin Version 1.0.1 Author xjtdy888 Downloads 58 Updated
  • BaiduURLPush
    Plugin Version 1.0 Author xjtdy888 Downloads 37 Updated