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  • Yaga Unaward Badge
    Adds the option for users that can give out badges to take them away.
    Plugin Version 0.4 Author Bleistivt Downloads 340 Updated
  • Yaga Disable Activity Reactions
    Turns off reactions for activities.
    Plugin Version 0.5 Author Bleistivt Downloads 207 Updated
  • Yaga Discussion Reaction Count
    Displays the total number of reactions of a discussion in the discussion meta. Run dba/counts after enabling if you already have reaction records.
    Plugin Version 0.3 Author Bleistivt Downloads 249 Updated
  • Yet Another Gamification Application
    Yaga provides customizable reactions, badges, and ranks for your Vanilla forum software. Increase user activity by letting users react to content with emotions. Give users badges based on statistics and engagement in your community. Create and award custom badges for special events and recognition.…
    Application Version 1.1 Author hgtonight Downloads 7,093 Updated
  • YagaDiscussionHeaderBadges
    This plugin shows badges in the AuthorInfo of a discussion header.
    Plugin Version 0.1.3 Author SeriousMartin Downloads 617 Updated
  • Yaga - Rank In Meta
    Adds the User Rank to the author meta on discussions.
    Plugin Version 1.0 Author hgtonight Downloads 1,235 Updated
  • KarmaBank YAGA
    Extends KarmaBank to set rules that award when badges and reactions are given, also can also set rules when reactions are taken away.
    Plugin Version 0.1.2b Author x00 Downloads 437 Updated
  • Yaga Featured Badges
    Adds user selectable featured badges shown on their profile page and author meta.
    Plugin Version 0.1 Author hgtonight Downloads 918 Updated
  • MyYagaPoints
    Display Yaga Points with Author Meta.
    Plugin Version 1.1 Author r0obert Downloads 377 Updated