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  • Signatures
    Users may create custom signatures that appear after each of their comments.
    Plugin Version 1.6.1 Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 17,425 Updated
  • Eventi
    This plugin hooks every possible event and outputs a little chunk of signed HTML inline.
    Plugin Version 2.0.0 Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 1,418 Updated
  • Locale Developer
    Contains useful functions for locale developers. When you enable this plugin go to its settings page to change your options. This plugin is maintained at http://github.com/vanillaforums/Addons
    Plugin Version 1.1.1 Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 2,523 Updated
  • Resolved Discussions
    Adds an option to mark discussions as Resolved with custom permission. Resolved discussions are Closed to new participants, however additional posts by the OP unresolve it. Only users with the custom permission see its Resolved status.
    Plugin Version 1.0 Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 674 Updated
  • Bump
    Allows moderators to bump a discussion without commenting.
    Plugin Version Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 564 Updated
  • No Index
    Allows moderators & curators to mark a discussion as noindex/noarchive.
    Plugin Version 1.0 Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 184 Updated
  • Right to Left (RTL) Support
    Adds a css stub to pages with some tweaks for right-to-left (rtl) languages and adds 'rtl' to body css class.
    Plugin Version 1.0.1 Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 516 Updated
  • Invisibility Cloak
    Hide your forum from the prying eyes of search engines and bots while you set it up.
    Plugin Version 1.0 Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 358 Updated
  • Post Count
    Shows each user's comment total by their name in each comment.
    Plugin Version 1.0.3 Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 11,953 Updated
  • Participated Discussions
    Users may view a list of all discussions they have commented on. This is a more user-friendly version of an 'auto-subscribe' option.
    Plugin Version 1.1.0 Author Vanilla Staff Downloads 2,501 Updated