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  • Mail Checker
    Disallows disposable mail providers. Code is taken from Francois-Guillaume Ribreau. All credit is due to him.
    Plugin Version 0.2 Author R_J Downloads 207 Updated
  • Hashtag
    Provides #Hashtag support (Automatic creation of Vanilla Tags, side panel display, auto-links and meta area display).
    Plugin Version 2.1.2 Author rbrahmson Downloads 959 Updated
  • Sketchfab
    Provides an Advanced Editor button to embed a Sketchfab model easily.
    Plugin Version 1.6 Author Sketchfab Downloads 420 Updated
  • Reply
    Adds an icon "Reply" to posts which scrolls screen to commentbox and inserts "@authorname". It also adds a link to send author a PM. Initial idea is based on the plugin EasyReply written by @andelf.
    Plugin Version 0.3 Author R_J Downloads 670 Updated
  • TitleLimit
    This plugin limits the number of words in discussions title. Code based on R_J's work.
    Plugin Version 1.4 Author K17 Downloads 145 Updated
  • Creator
    Allows building plugin skeletons.
    Plugin Version 0.1 Author R_J Downloads 69 Updated
  • QuickPoll
    Puts a small poll in the sidebar
    Plugin Version 1.0 Author jackmaessen Downloads 432 Updated
  • MCHeads Minecraft avatars
    Replaces the default profile picture of your users with their Minecraft avatar (Based on their username)
    Plugin Version 1.2 Author Mister_Fix Downloads 210 Updated
  • Version Check
    Version check - Allows admins to do a quick check for any new updates of plugins that are enabled and Latest Version of vanilla, as well as a viewer for phpinfo
    Plugin Version 1.8 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 658 Updated
  • Latest Post List
    Lists the latest posts in the panel. Respects permissions, has an AJAX refresh, and is configurable.
    Plugin Version 1.6 Author hgtonight Downloads 3,265 Updated
  • SFM
    Simple File Management for users. Upload, View, Download and Delete files in your own folder.
    Plugin Version 1.3.3 Author jackmaessen Downloads 716 Updated
  • Move to InnoDB
    Changes storage engine of Discussion and Comment table to InnoDB.
    Plugin Version 0.1 Author R_J Downloads 49 Updated
  • MarkerUpper
    Adds the marker-upper jQuery plugin to Vanilla
    Plugin Version 1.0.0 Author jamesinc Downloads 31 Updated
  • Category Selector
    Turns the category dropdown in new discussions into buttons.
    Plugin Version 0.1 Author R_J Downloads 136 Updated
  • Discussion Rounded Photos
    Displays Rounded photo and name of the user who started each discussion anywhere discussions are listed. (It make your all user images as rounded)
    Plugin Version 1.0.2 Author Vanillaplus Downloads 291 Updated
  • RSS Options
    Provides options to improve syndication.
    Plugin Version 0.1 Author Bleistivt Downloads 164 Updated
  • Auto Bury
    Automatically buries comments and discussions, preventing them from being shown.
    Plugin Version 0.2 Author hgtonight Downloads 172 Updated
  • Login Throttle
    Prevent brute force attacks.
    Plugin Version 0.1 Author R_J Downloads 183 Updated
  • Xat
    Adds a chat Room Page
    Plugin Version 1.1 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 285 Updated
  • Advanced Editor Config
    Allows to configure the formatting options of the advanced editor.
    Plugin Version 0.2 Author R_J Downloads 453 Updated