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  • Top Bookmarks
    Provides views of the most bookmarked discussions and global bookmark count in the meta area.
    Plugin Version 1.1.4 Author rbrahmson Downloads 88 Updated
  • Draft Sweeper
    A plugin that adds a link to sweep all drafts from the system, per user.
    Plugin Version 0.4 Author hgtonight Downloads 143 Updated
  • Yet Another Gamification Application
    Yaga provides customizable reactions, badges, and ranks for your Vanilla forum software. Increase user activity by letting users react to content with emotions. Give users badges based on statistics and engagement in your community. Create and award custom badges for special events and recognition.…
    Application Version 1.1 Author hgtonight Downloads 7,035 Updated
  • SphinxSearch Syntax Dropdown
    Show filters (syntax) from SphinxSearch below the search box (text input), and use with a single click on each options.
    Plugin Version 1.0 Author exetico Downloads 64 Updated
  • Galleries
    Adds an Image Gallery to your forum . Users can creat their own albums, or you can create a community album for everyone.
    Plugin Version 2.1 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 2,519 Updated
  • Discussion Alert
    Allows users with assigned permissions to mark a discussion with an alert and users with another permission to see that a discussion was marked with an alert. Alerted Discussions behave like a "Global Bookmark".
    Plugin Version 1.3.1 Author rbrahmson Downloads 204 Updated
  • Steam Sign In
    Allows users to sign in with their Steam accounts. Please click Settings, after enabling the plugin, to enable displaying the "Sign in through Steam" button.
    Plugin Version 14.01.19 Author businessdad Downloads 1,062 Updated
  • Discussion Readers
    Displays the registered users that read the discussion.
    Plugin Version 1.1.3 Author rbrahmson Downloads 250 Updated
  • Avatar First Letter
    Avatar First Letter.
    Plugin Version 1.2 Author Clément Downloads 776 Updated
  • YagaDiscussionHeaderBadges
    This plugin shows badges in the AuthorInfo of a discussion header.
    Plugin Version 0.1.3 Author SeriousMartin Downloads 613 Updated
  • Closed For Maintenance
    Maintenance plugin for Vanilla 2, allows you to close your site to do maintenance
    Plugin Version 0.8.4 Author Adrian Downloads 1,952 Updated
  • BootstrapThemeSwitchLayout
    Switch Layout of Bootstrap Theme for users
    Plugin Version 1.1 Author jackmaessen Downloads 232 Updated
  • Social Login
    Let your users log in and comment via their accounts with popular ID providers such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Vkontakte and over 21 more!.
    Plugin Version 2.1 Author loginradius Downloads 5,405 Updated
  • CloudflareSupport
    This plugin modifies the Request object to work with Cloudflare.
    Plugin Version 1.2.3 Author Tim Downloads 791 Updated
  • Members List Enhanced
    This plugin provides a table of users in the forum. The table is sortable by column and has pagination. Links from photo, name, and individual discussion and comment count go to appropriate pages. Settings for number of users to display per page, and permissions for viewing is in config.php. Opt…
    Plugin Version 6.6 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 1,119 Updated
  • VChat
    Adds a video Room Page . Based on peregrine's ExtraPage
    Plugin Version 1.4 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 1,360 Updated
  • NeoLogger
    Adds custom Logging
    Plugin Version 1.0.1b Author dvenckus Downloads 146 Updated
  • HowTo: Form & Validation
    Custom form and validation example.
    Plugin Version 0.2 Author R_J Downloads 163 Updated
  • Kpr - Krumo Print Debugger
    Integrates the Krumo library into Vanilla
    Plugin Version 1.0.2 Author dvenckus Downloads 106 Updated
  • Auto Expire Discussions
    The auto expiry of discussions/questions where there hasn't been a comment in N period.
    Plugin Version 0.2.0b Author x00 Downloads 449 Updated