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  • Imonomy
    This plugin allows to add Imonomy images
    Plugin Version 1.1 Author avishai Downloads 179 Updated
  • World Flags
    Adds a column in Dashboard/Users with a country flag displaying the location of the Last IP Address for each user. Also adds a flag to the user profile page.
    Plugin Version 1.13 Author matt Downloads 4,106 Updated
  • Countdown
    Add a countdown to a specific time and date to a comment. Pick from different display types.
    Plugin Version 1.2.0 Author matt Downloads 1,351 Updated
  • Games
    Adds a Games Pages for you to put any games you want.Based on peregrine's ExtraPage
    Plugin Version 1.1 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 1,334 Updated
  • Floor 楼层
    Show floor number in discussion
    Plugin Version 1.1.1 Author chuck911 Downloads 288 Updated
  • RoleBadges
    Adds user's role badges under their name in comments.
    Plugin Version 0.2 Author tenach Downloads 2,831 Updated
  • Category based "New Discussion" button text
    Customize text of the "New Discussion" button - for each category.
    Plugin Version 0.1.1 Author lifeisfoo Downloads 280 Updated
  • 淘宝账户登录
    Plugin Version 0.1 Author farmer1992 Downloads 80 Updated
  • QQ登录
    Plugin Version 0.1 Author farmer1992 Downloads 228 Updated
  • 新浪微博登录
    Plugin Version 0.1 Author farmer1992 Downloads 159 Updated
  • Advanced Google Analytics
    Google Analytics Plugin. Avoid tracking some users.
    Plugin Version 0.1.1 Author lifeisfoo Downloads 924 Updated
  • urduFormatter
    This Plugin automatically detects Urdu in Discussions and Comments, and If Urdu is found then it sets the proper direction, size and font of text according to Urdu. Find more detail in Settings page or visit plugin site.
    Plugin Version 1 Author iMughal Downloads 111 Updated
  • Twitter_Button
    Adds the Twitter button to your discussions.
    Plugin Version 1.1 Author fdelpozo Downloads 274 Updated
  • Users Online
    Displays total amount of users browsing (logged in or out) in the last 'x' minutes.
    Plugin Version 1.1 Author ImWithStupid Downloads 1,498 Updated
  • PM Users on registeration
    Allows you to set a default message that will be PMed to a user once he/she registered.
    Plugin Version 1.0 Author tarsus Downloads 574 Updated
  • OpenGraph
    Adds the Open Graph Protocol meta tags to the <head> section of Vanilla.
    Plugin Version 0.1.3 Author HalfCat Downloads 569 Updated
  • Category Headings
    Allows the setting of categories as headings, displaying the subcategories. You can lock these category heading, to prevent posting. Comes with view templates, you can move to your theme.
    Plugin Version 0.1.3b Author x00 Downloads 1,958 Updated
  • EnhanceLinks
    Enhances links with actions such as prepending favicon images.
    Plugin Version 0.1.8 Author swook Downloads 300 Updated
  • SocialButtons
    Add social sharing buttons like Facebook, Google, Tweeter and LinkedIn for every discussions
    Plugin Version 0.2 Author Chanux Downloads 2,666 Updated
  • Steam Sign In
    Allows users to sign in with their Steam accounts. Requires ‘OpenID’ plugin to be enabled first.
    Plugin Version 1.2.3 Author semihandy Downloads 788 Updated