Users running a non-download version of Vanilla (pulled from github), on branch release/2019.016 or master from the last 2 weeks should upgrade to release/2019.017 or latest master for security reasons. Downloaded official open sources releases are not affected.

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  • MarkDiscussionRead
    Selectively mark discussions as read.
    Plugin Version 1.0.3 Author Bleistivt Downloads 224 Updated
  • Yaga Discussion Reaction Count
    Displays the total number of reactions of a discussion in the discussion meta. Run dba/counts after enabling if you already have reaction records.
    Plugin Version 0.3 Author Bleistivt Downloads 273 Updated
  • Undismiss Announcement
    Adds an option to "undismiss" announcements.
    Plugin Version 0.2 Author Bleistivt Downloads 74 Updated
  • Time Gap
    Indicates long time gaps between posts.
    Plugin Version 0.2 Author Bleistivt Downloads 331 Updated
  • Register call to action
    Displays a message in discussions asking users to register after reading for a while.
    Plugin Version 0.2 Author Bleistivt Downloads 304 Updated
  • Quote Mentions
    Show a mentioned user's previous comment in a tooltip.
    Plugin Version 0.4 Author Bleistivt Downloads 839 Updated
  • Necropost Warning
    Warn users when they are about to comment on an old discussion.
    Plugin Version 0.2 Author Bleistivt Downloads 181 Updated
  • Increase Click Targets
    Makes the whole row clickable for various items.
    Plugin Version 0.4 Author Bleistivt Downloads 225 Updated
  • Add Registration Question
    Allows you to add a question to the registration form to deflect spam bots.
    Plugin Version 2.3 Author Bleistivt Downloads 1,179 Updated
  • Unread Category Photo
    Allows setting a second category photo to indicate that a category contains unread comments.
    Plugin Version 0.2 Author Bleistivt Downloads 169 Updated
  • BetterNotifications
    Implements vBulletin/PHPBB-style e-mail notifications for users who bookmark discussions. They will only receive one notification e-mail until they re-visit the discussion.
    Plugin Version 2.0.4 Author jamesinc Downloads 1,211 Updated
  • Mastodon Social Connect
    Users may sign into your site using their Mastodon account.
    Plugin Version 1.0.1 Author _wakin Downloads 45 Updated
  • Feed Discussions Plus
    Automatically create Vanilla discussions by importing RSS/Atom/Twitter/Youtube/Instagram feeds.
    Plugin Version 2.5.6 Author rbrahmson Downloads 427 Updated
  • Link Out
    Forces all outbound links to open in a new browser tab.
    Plugin Version 1.0.1 Author doobox Downloads 206 Updated
  • Yandex Metrika
    Yandex Metrika Counter
    Plugin Version 1.1 Author Ivan_Gurin Downloads 192 Updated
  • Discussion Note
    Provides the ability to attach a "post-it"-like note to a discussion.
    Plugin Version 2.5.2 Author rbrahmson Downloads 555 Updated
  • Target_Blank
    This plugin forces links to open in New Tab/New Window via blank_page
    Plugin Version 1.1 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 365 Updated
  • Plugin Navigator
    Adds shortcuts to the plugins/all overview. Only useful if you have a lot of plugins.
    Plugin Version 0.4.0 Author R_J Downloads 211 Updated
  • ThemeChooser
    Add the possibility to choose from predefined css-files (themes) in Edit Profile.
    Plugin Version 1 Author exetico Downloads 310 Updated
  • Show All Emojis
    Add button to reveal all emojis in dropdown
    Plugin Version 0.3.0 Author R_J Downloads 436 Updated