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  • Bootstrap
    Bootstrap for Vanilla has been rewritten from scratch on top of Bootstrap 3 in this second installation of the most popular theme for Vanilla Forums. Kickstart your community with a fresh and solid theme that is ready to be customized to your heart's desires.
    Theme Version 2014.11.10p1203 Author Kasper Downloads 37,468 Updated
  • Apptastic
    A sleek and super modern desktop-like interface for Vanilla derived from the Sentry application. The theme is based on the Bootstrap framework by Twitter and built using Austere as well as the Compass framework. This is NOT a ready-to-use theme and is merely meant as a canvas of ideas. Feel free …
    Theme Version 0.9.2 Author Kasper Downloads 5,340 Updated
  • Ninja
    Ninja is a super sneaky Node.js, Gulp and Bower powered scaffold for building superb Vanilla themes. Ninja allows you to easily use your choice of preprocessors and languages in your themes and enables you to write kick-ass build processes using the many plugins available for Gulp. Ninja will also…
    Theme Version 2.0.3 Author Kasper Downloads 2,394 Updated
  • Foundation
    An advanced theming boilerplate built on Foundation 5 by ZURB. Geared towards developers and designers who know their way around Sass.
    Theme Version 2014.11.07p0948 Author Kasper Downloads 2,006 Updated
  • vanillin
    A minimal, mobile friendly Vanilla extract theme.
    Theme Version 1.2.1 Author Arty2 Downloads 655 Updated
  • EnigmaBlue
    A sleek blue theme for Vanilla.
    Theme Version 1.0.2 Author lukelarris Downloads 1,207 Updated
  • EnigmaGreen
    A sleek green theme for Vanilla.
    Theme Version 1.0.2 Author lukelarris Downloads 1,034 Updated
  • EnigmaSilver
    A sleek silver theme for Vanilla.
    Theme Version 1.0.2 Author lukelarris Downloads 990 Updated
  • EnigmaGold
    A sleek yellow theme for Vanilla.
    Theme Version 1.0.2 Author lukelarris Downloads 479 Updated
  • EnigmaRed
    A sleek red theme for Vanilla.
    Theme Version 1.0.2 Author lukelarris Downloads 1,057 Updated
  • Kaieteur
    A theme that puts all of the navigational links in a header that hides when it's not needed, while the content flows down in one single neat, readable column cascading in the center of the screen like the Kaieteur Falls.
    Theme Version 1.0 Author Accent Downloads 416 Updated
  • annotatedcss2.1
    This theme is designed to help new users understand how to make a range of common changes to the Vanilla theme. It is not intended to be exhaustive, but to get users started. The custom.css file in design is annotated to explain what each css rule does. There is a customised default.master.tpl file…
    Theme Version 1.0 Author whu606 Downloads 274 Updated
  • Heavy-Metal
    A dark Heavy Metal Industrial theme that is totally customizable in every way you can possibly imagine. It contains a drop down index on the menu where you can place any links you want.
    Theme Version 1.3 Author vrijvlinder Downloads 807 Updated
  • Whiterburg Theme
    Whiterburg 1.0.0 Theme for Vanilla 2.1 version. Green,light green,gray,white colors. 960px wide.
    Theme Version 1.0.0 Author Markus_Wolf Downloads 335 Updated
  • Systhem Theme
    Systhem 1.0 Theme for Vanilla 2.1 version. Bright colors, 960px wide. Very readable theme.
    Theme Version 1.0 Author Markus_Wolf Downloads 287 Updated
  • Tamara+
    Tamara+ 1.1.3 Theme for Vanilla. Updated and redesigned for Vanilla 2.1 version. Gray and blue colors.
    Theme Version 1.1.3 Author Markus_Wolf Downloads 630 Updated
  • VBS3
    This theme was ported from Vanilla Forums Inc's hosted theme "Bootstrap" it has been modified to merge with Bootstrap 3 ( from 2.3 ) and has been designed for use on the OS model.
    Theme Version 1.1.5 Author Tama Downloads 2,280 Updated
  • Themers Theme
    Default Vanilla theme with comments inserted to make it easy to find the files to theme
    Theme Version 0.1 Author R_J Downloads 366 Updated
  • Spirited Away
    Spirited Away is a gentle colour schemed template that comes pre-packaged with 5 unique blurred backgrounds. A fully responsive lightweight theme for Vanilla Forums.
    Theme Version 1.0 Author OurWebMedia Downloads 618 Updated
  • Responsive Green Vanilla Theme
    A light-weight responsive version of the Default Vanilla Forums theme with a Green colour scheme.
    Theme Version 1.1 Author OurWebMedia Downloads 643 Updated