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Discussion Readers 1.1.3

Displays the registered users that read the discussion.

​The DiscussionReaders plugin adds the ability to display the registered users that read a discussion, the date the discussion was last read by that user and whether the user bookmarked the conversation.

Change log:
Version 1.1.2 - Added the ability to display the readers list in the discussion (under the title and meta info)
Rearranged the settings screen to group options together
Cleaned some CSS options.

Version 1.1.3 - Minor bug fixes

Display Options:

The admin can activate an option display "Bookmarked" near a reader (and in the avatar's tooltip) if the reader bookmarked the conversation.

There are three major options that can be independently enabled:

Option 1: Popup Window. This adds a "View Readers" dropdown menu option to each discussion (the "gear" ❅) - The menu option will popup a window showing the discussion readers.

Option 2: This option show the readers list in discussion lists.

Option 3: Show readers list in the specific discussion (Under the discussion title and meta area).

Both Options 2 and 3 have independent settings for the number of users to display. If set to zero a link to the popup window (similar to option 1 above) is provided. If the number of readers exceeds the number set by the admin a "More..." link to the popup window is displayed.

For Options 2 and 3 the admin can limit the access to the readers list to specific categories.

Permission Settings:

Two permissions settings control access the the reader list information:
1. Optional setting that requires "DiscussionReaders View" permission in "Roles and Permissions" to see the readers list
2. Optional setting that always allow authors see who read their discussions (This overrides the "DiscussionReaders View" permission requirement above )

Performance considerations(for large forums):
Options 1 and 3 have negligible performance impact as the information is retrieved only upon a specific request.

Option 2 is more resource consuming as it requires that the plugin fetch the reader list from a database table for every listed discussion. However, if the number of readers list to display is set to zero a link to the popup window is inserted in the meta area and no database access is performed until the user clicks on a link,effectively having performance cost similar to options 1 and 3.

Limiting access to the readers list to specific categories will also reduce the performance cost of this plugin.

Note: Since no database check is performed when the number of users is set to zero there will be cases where the popup window will display a message "No readers". This is done by design to reduce database access.​



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