FeedEk 1.0

This plugin adds an RSS FeedEk on the panel.

Add the feed url in the dashboard settings for the plugin.

Make sure you don't have Ad Blockers enabled because the feed may not show.

For more info : http://www.jquery-plugins.net/FeedEK/FeedEK.html

For a Demo : http://www.jquery-plugins.net/FeedEK/FeedEk_demo.html

Fork on Github: https://github.com/enginkizil/FeedEk

Version 1.2 added vanilla css classes to the elements so they can inherit the parent style.
Version 1.3 changed it so it only shows in the discussions index page.
Version 1.4 Turned it into a module instead of appending using jquery.
Version 1.6 Fixed the css and added a div so it matches the other modules better, skipped 1.5 by accident
version 1.7 commented out the call to the 1.9.1 jquery library which seemed to interfere with Bootstrap theme...

1.8 Added a settings page so you can now save the feed Url in the dashboard.