Filtered Forum Search 2.3.1

Adds additional filters to search with.

This plugin allows extra search filters to the default Vanilla search.

This plugin was created out of a desire to search with filters on a Vanilla forum solely through Vanilla's SQL interface for compatibility with servers in more restrictive environments.

Filters include:

  • Filter by discussion text and/or title
  • Filter by category
  • Filter by Q&A status
  • Filter by comment count
  • Filter by username
  • Filter by search occurance

The plugin has no dependencies outside of Vanilla and the Q&A plugin. This allows it to work with Shared hosting plans and other server plans that otherwise wouldn't allow for filtered searching. The plugin works by using an SQL query to retrieve data based on the parameters passed in, using Vanilla's SQL interface to minimize SQL injection potential.

This plugin is a heavily modified version of the CategorySearch plugin.

You can find the GitHub repository for this plugin here: GitHub repository



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