Users running a non-download version of Vanilla (pulled from github), on branch release/2019.016 or master from the last 2 weeks should upgrade to release/2019.017 or latest master for security reasons. Downloaded official open sources releases are not affected.

Guest Message 0.3

Adds a fixed message for all guests browsing your site.

Adds a box in the bottom right hand corner with a message to all guests.

You can customize the message in the plugin settings, and you can include html to create links.

You can change the style of the box in the style.css file located in the plugin folder.

I included a very basic design that still looks elegant so take it upon yourself to make it compliment your theme!

Thank you to @R_J and @Tim for their example plugins!

GitHub Repo:

Change Log:
0.3: Added an option to add a close button to the message. After 30 days the message will reappear for the guest. The standard message will show without a close button even if a user has previously clicked the close button while you had it active.
0.2: Fixed a mapping issue to the css file in the plugin folder. The link was not capitalized correctly.
0.1: Base