Local Drafts 0.2

Replaces the standard auto save draft feature. Auto saved drafts are only stored locally.

LocalDrafts is there to replace the autosave draft feature. You can still save drafts by hitting the Save Draft button, but while you are typing, each single key press is saved to local hard disc.

Since HTML5 introduces localStorage, browsers can save data to your disc. That feature empowers LocalDrafts to save your data directly and it replaces the data transfer to the server and the db save that is the normal way drafts are handled in Vanilla.

This plugin isn't called Drafts+ on purpose! Vanillas draft feature has advantages over this plugin. They both work differently and you can decide what pleases you the most.

Sources on GitHub

v0.2 only class name has changed, since it was still called StopAutoDraftPlugin (thanks @Linc for pointing that out)


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