Users running a non-download version of Vanilla (pulled from github), on branch release/2019.016 or master from the last 2 weeks should upgrade to release/2019.017 or latest master for security reasons. Downloaded official open sources releases are not affected.

MobileHome 1.0

Adds a MobileHome Landing page with links to various parts of the forum

This plugin is a home page or landing page for the mobile . The link to the page will only appear on the menu of a mobile device. So is intended only for mobile viewers.

Add this plugin to your plugin folder and enable from the dashboard. You may need to disable and enable to get the route to take.

You can add content in the views/mobilehome.php

and you can edit the css if you need to in the moho.css file.

Has a locale so you can change definitions .

If you want to make this your mobile home landing page, you need to install the

Mobile Default Route plugin

In settings you can set what you want for your homepage, effectively the default controller/view, this plugin allows a different route for your mobile site.

The Route for this page would be plugin/MobileHome

Thanks to businessdad for the mobile link code.

If you want to see what my MobileHome looks like ,please go to my forum on your mobile device.

Thanks for trying this plugin , Tested on 2.2