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OnlineNow 3.0

Lists the users and their avatar who are currently online browsing the forum. The name and time appear when you hover the image and you can post to the person's activity page in a popup by clicking the name above the avatar that appears when you hover the image. This is a community supported plugin.Works on 2.1

This plugin is based on who's online by Gary Mardell then modified to have user avatar by peregrine and implemented by vrijvlinder.

Requires DefaultAvatar Plugin or Gravatar or Vanillicon if you want users who don't have an image uploaded to be shown as well. Also so it does not break the style.

Recommended plugin CustomTooltip so the tooltips look nice

It is advisable to make the checking interval 60 seconds or more. The user needs to do something other than just get online to register as online such as browse a thread. If you don't see them you must clear the browser cache.
If they are on mobile, they will seem to go offline if their phone enters sleep mode.

If the users image is not showing but they have uploaded one, they may need to refresh the image by re uploading it.

Please Disable the plugin and Delete it from the Plugins folder before you Upload the new Version. Also important is to remove from config.php all of the old settings for OnlineNow Plugin.

Edit the onlinenow.css file for more style.

version 3.4 fixed the url to the PM 
version 3.3 fixed a stupid misake
version 3.2 removed the tooltip title from the UserPhoto link so it would play better with CustomToolTip, thanks to AaronWebstey for the fix
version 3.1 I was not satisfied with css functions so I changed a bunch of things and now it works as I want it to even with extra long names.
version 3.0 fixed the display for Bootstrap
version 2.9 fixed a stupid mistake... 
version 2.8 Added a link in the time stamp to send a private message and a title to the links so when you hover you see what each does.It opens a popup of a conversation form with the name of the user you want to message already in the form as a recipient.
version 2.7 the real fix for the popup this time..
version 2.6 finally fixed the pop up issue...I hope
version 2.5 fixed some css issues and closed an open li tag
version 2.4 added missing bracket at the end
version 2.3 some fixes to make invisible work, thanks again peregrine
version 2.2 fixed an undefined error when in debug mode, thanks peregrine
version 2.1 fixed some css issues with the list of users
version 2.0 removed a function that was not being used
version 1.9 I think I fixed the css issues, changed the names of the settings files in the views and in the default.php as per peregrine's suggestion.
version 1.8 Fixed the css some to display better but will improve more.
version 1.7 Added compatibility with Gravatar and Vanillicon . Thanks peregrine again for his help with this community plugin.
version 1.6 Changed some Permission schemes and improved the code using peregrine's suggestions for overall improvement of function .
version 1.5 Added capability to post to the activity from a popup that opens when you click the name of the user. This needs testing so please report.
version 1.4 Added the UserName/link to show along with the date when you hover the image. The name still will show when hovering the image anyway as a tooltip but it is browser dependent . This makes sure the name shows and is clickable. Added css for link font size.
version 1.3 Added DefaultAvatar Plugin compatibility. Made the Time stamp show only when hovering the user image but you can hide it completely by uncommenting in the css file display:none for the span.Time and I fixed the css to work more like on this forum.
Added a settings page to put the url for the image,thanks Tama for the code... :)
version 1.2 Added SideMenuModule to OnlineNow settings page. Included alternate files to be able to use without time stamp.
version 1.1  added the user name to the image title so it can be seen when hovering the image.

Disable and delete the entire folder then upload and re enable.