Portuguese (Portugal) 1.0.2

Translation of Vanilla to European Portuguese.

These files are the translation to European Portuguese pt_PT of the Vanilla installation using Baseline Locale by Todd Burry.

Instructions: Create a folder called 'pt_PT' in the '/locales/' folder and dump the files there. Then add the line "$Configuration['Garden']['Locale'] = 'pt_PT';" to config.php in the '/conf/' folder. Don't forget to activate the locale in the admin back-end of Vanilla.

These files should work fine for users though some of the admin is not translated. Some themes may override part of the translation too.

31/12/10 Warning: Outgoing emails do not display properly.

v 1.0.2 Fixed the locale code.
v 1.0.1 Added a few strings already in use in the Spanish and Dutch locale.
v 1.0 Basic Baseline Locale release.

07/01/11 This locale is no longer maintained.