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Rate My Link User Averages 0.1b

Creates a link rating average over a period, and registers KarmaBank, meta and operations in order to create rules

This plugin requires KarmaBank and RateMyLink

See screenshots for details.

Set up the rules


RMLPeriodAverage% is 'magic' meta hence the wildcard (%) at the end, becuase the averages are are across each link, so this is for future variable meta rather then just fixed. So the real meta is more like RMLPeriodAverage (over period)

You are probably going to want to set upper (LRAGreaterOrEquals) and lower (LRALessOrEquals) limits, you can use plus an negative karma respectively, of if you just want to be positive just set upper.

The time period is essentially predetermined.

Note the average period by default is '2 weeks' and is set in conf/config.php

$Configuration['Plugins']['RateMyLink']['AveragePeriod'] = '2 weeks';

It is probably best just decide on a period then set the rules, and stick to it. Otherwise you will get in right muddle, becuase once that period has expired it will use whatever the AveragePeriod for the next expiry date regardless of the Rule description saying otherwise.