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Svensk Locale / Swedish Locale 1.0

Svensk översättning för Vanilla Forum, baserad på den norska översättningen.

I've started to work on this Swedish translation, based on the Norwegian translation German translation published by Silencer. Please notice that this is a work in progress, and it's still just in it's alpha stage at best. But I had to name it 1.0 since it's a brand new version, last one was 0.1... However, I'm working on a lot of other stuff for the moment so if any one of you want to ship in and help me out, just make a notice so that we don't work on the same translations at the same time. You are all welcome to join. I will start a new thread for that though, let's stop using the thread that is a few years old.

  • I have no idea how much is missing, as this is totally based on the norwegian translation which is version 0.0.5...
  • I have not done testing and checking, so it's likely that many things are out of context.
  • There's a few concepts that I have decided on, but perhaps there's better words for these things?
    1. Notiser (Notifications)
    2. Meddelanden (messages)
    3. Roller (Roles)
    4. Tillkännagivanden (Announcements)
    5. Sänk (Sink)

Installation: Replace locale.php in the conf/ folder.

Jag hoppas att vi tillsammans kan uppnå ett Vanilla 100% på svenska!