TopPosters 1.4.2

Lists the users with most posted comment on sidepanel

Hi guys

You may want to Try the New TopPosters Pro version. New Features includes:
1. Displays User’s Photo of Top Posters
2. Top Posters for the Week added!
3. Enable and disable feature 1 & 2 in your Dashboard

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Trophy System will come soon... for the PRO

Also have a Browse Member Plugin here Browse Member Link

see live demo for both here ...

eDirectory for Vanilla 2.0.18 is now available here


Bug Fixes / Changes:
ver 1.4.2 :

  • changed instances of &$Sender to $Sender to work with 2.1
    ver 1.4.1 :

  • patch added to image src (FYI... image url issue is only happening to a vanilla with "no url rewrite" setup. i.e.
    ver 1.4.0 :

  • Medal icons added for top posters.

  • Medals can be configured to show in the sidebar only, in comment only, or both
    ver 1.3 :

  • Hide Top Poster box if there are no posts yet. (for a freshly installed vanilla)

  • Allows you to select users you dont want to appear in Top Poster's list. (e.g. Admin)
  • now doesn't display users with zero post count.
    ver 1.2 : Combined total number of post(created discussion) and total number comment by user (previously it only counts the total number of comments)
    ver 1.1 : Updated the case sensitive fix in class.toppostersmodule.php (thanks Donutman)