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jQuery Fancybox 1.1

Adds the jQuery Fancybox plugin to display images in a nice way.

This Plugin integrates the Fancybox jQuery-Plugin in order to display linked images on the same site in a nice floating window (à la Lightbox).

How-to use
It automatically links all images on the Activity page, in Discussions and in the Messages area.

If you want to force an image to use a specific full-size image, simply add class="fancybox" to that image's link tag:
<a href="image-url" class="fancybox"></a>


  • If image is already linked, verify that the link points to a valid image - else do not "fancybox" it.
  • Probably add a menu to the dashboard to easily allow to configure the fancybox settings

Version 1.1

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release