Youku & Tudou Embed 1.4.5

允许在主题、回复和动态中嵌入优酷网、土豆网和AcFun的视频。 Embed Youku, Tudou, and AcFun videos in posts.

English Instructions: click here. Thanks to @jeongwee for helping with Chinese translations.

通过这个插件,你可以直接在主题、回复、动态和通过我的插件Basic Pages建立的页面中发布优酷网、土豆网和AcFun的视频链接地址。链接地址将会通过JavaScript自动被转化为视频嵌入网页当中。


在2.0.18.8和2.1b1+的环境下通过测试。License:GNU GPL2。





With this plugin, you can post links to Youku, Tudou, and AcFun videos in discussions, comments, activity posts, and on pages created with the Basic Pages application, and they will be turned into video embeds by JavaScript.

The embeds are responsive and scale to different content column widths.

Tested with and 2.1b1+. License: GNU GPL2.

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How to use: look in the box above for supported link formats.

GitHub Repo:

v1.4.4 - Added support for Articles app.
v1.4.2 - License changed from GPLv3 to GNU GPL2.
v1.4.1 - AcFun embed full screen button now works.
v1.4 - AcFun video link support.
v1.3 - Updated some info about the plugin.
v1.2 -
v1.1 -
v1.0.1 - Fixed some bugs.
v1.0 - Initial Release