Simplified Chinese Locale(简体中文) 1.2.1

Full Simplified Chinese Translation For Vanilla 2. 简体中文翻译, 来自东北大学先锋网技术部.

almost full translation with some pop add-ons' translation.

put the zh_CN sub dir into locales dir, and modify your config/config.php, set locale to 'zh-CN'. Then enable this locale.

  • Update 2010-12-23 07:21 GMT+8
    updated to 1.1 version. more translations. now 90%+ complete. with popular addons.

  • Update 2010-12-29
    updated to 1.2, more translation. more addon

  • Update 2010-12-30
    fix an error in captured.php, updated to 1.2.1

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modify your config/config.php

$Configuration['Garden']['Locale'] = 'zh-CN';

then, in administrator's dashboard, Locale panel, enable this package.