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Custom Login Page

edited November 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.3
In Vanilla1 it was quite easy to make a custom login page that only showed 2 forms for login and password. I'm running a private community with a lot of informations that should not be visible to the www.

I've got the "Private Community"-Plugin running, and the site is only acessible via SSL. What i'm wanting now, is to modify vanilla2 to show nothing but the 2 forms and maybe some sort of background image, and nothing else.

Has anyone got a tip for me, how to easily realise this? :)


  • these are files you should focus on




    the first one is the one I was redesigning for my needs so its quite easy to remove some things from it and redesign using CSS
  • thanks for your answer, i finally found some time to look at the files. actually, I can't find anything relating the outer "stuff" of the page.

    What I'm wanting to achieve is that I can have a custom login page, without any information about the site for visitors without logins. I just want a plain background and 2 forms, nothing else. Maybe my first explenation was a little unclear :)
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