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[GitHub Bug #1343] Event issue in class.activitymodel.php - BeforeSendNotification

The event BeforeSendNotification is only raised when the user has enabled the email option in preferences.

function: SendNotification

if ($Force) $Preference = $Force; else { $Preferences = $User->Preferences; $Preference = ArrayValue('Email.'.$Activity->ActivityType, $Preferences, Gdn::Config('Preferences.Email.'.$Activity->ActivityType)); }


$this->FireEvent('BeforeSendNotification'); try { $Email->Send(); $Emailed = 2; // similar to http 200 OK }

function: SendNotificationQueue

if (is_object($Email)) { $this->EventArguments = $Notification; $this->FireEvent('BeforeSendNotification'); ....

This means any custom addons that rely on this event will not work.

A suggested fix would be to check all non-standard preferences for the $Activity->ActivityType and in the event of a custom activity being enabled call


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