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This discussion is related to the DClock addon.
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  • Hi, Many thanks for that add-on. I have tried to add the day using Javascript : <script language="JavaScript" src="date.js"> On some screens, everything allright. On others, it's a mist. Does anyone knows why ?
  • Sorry, I don't understand your problem. pic
    Please describe again?

    Posted: Wednesday, 25 July 2007 at 5:08PM

  • Indeed, I was looking for a way to add the date on my vanilla forum. Modifing DClock was, I thought, a good idea. Between "Clock Code: Start" and "Clock Code: End" I try to add a line with a javascript instruction. It's very nice working on some pages, ie I have the date under the clock and the page on the right - but on some others, clock and date are display, but the rest (or a part of it) is just under on the left and not on the correct place on the right. My javascript code is OK. I have tested it on somes others places (like on themes/menu.php as first instruction to show the date on top of the screen, in the left - indeed perhaps I will leave it there. could be an [other] add on also)
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