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where is email validation code in user registration?

edited August 2014 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

i check RegisterApproval(),RegisterBasic(),RegisterCaptcha(),RegisterInvitation() method on class.entrycontroller.php file

here their common code

         $this->UserModel->Validation->ApplyRule('Name', 'Username', $this->UsernameError);
         $this->UserModel->Validation->ApplyRule('TermsOfService', 'Required', T('You must agree to the terms of service.'));
         $this->UserModel->Validation->ApplyRule('Password', 'Required');
         $this->UserModel->Validation->ApplyRule('Password', 'Match');
         $this->UserModel->Validation->ApplyRule('DiscoveryText', 'Required', 'Tell us why you want to join!');

where is code for validate email filed?

is it validate automatically calling $this->AddRule('Email', 'function:ValidateEmail'); function :\


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