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Users Online displaying on two diff. boards with two diff. DB's Prefixes

edited November 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi Everyone,

I have two message boards on one mysql server, the first is working perfectly using the table prefix "LUM"
The second, had been exported and imported from with the prefix changed to "SAC"

Everything is working perfectly fine, I cleared every table but users and my new posts.

The problem I'm having is: The "Who's Online" is displaying users from on the new board,
How can this be fixed? Thanks!


  • This is a wierd one. I'd assumed the whos online extension was using the standard LUM_User name to open the users table, but it seems to be using the sqlbuilder in (what i think is) the correct way... Only suggestion i have so far is to try opening up the default.php and changing: $s->SetMainTable("User", "u"); to $s->SetMainTable("SAC_User", "u"); But i'm not 100% sure it'l work...
  • forgot it was an extension, just reinstalled and now it works.
  • scratch that, it's still happening.. :(
  • Have you tried my suggestion?
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