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Best CMS to use?



  • Of course "lussumo cms", but we have to make some pressure on Mark ;)
  • so no one is using the new Drupal 5.0
  • I'm suprised it's taken so long for someone to recommend Drupal! It really is a fantastic CMS, lightweight enough to begin with, but can be scaled as far as you like.

    As far as I know it's the only CMS project that has a foundation backing it, with serious corporate sponsors etc. It's still Free (as in freedom) of course. :)
  • @TomTester - version 2.2 of TYPOlight was just released today. I was able to upgrade my four installations with the click of a button, thanks to the brilliant auto-update feature. Support is very good, even though the community is small. Leo Feyer, the developer, is extremely helpful and active in development. I've built over 30 sites with phpwcms and have switched almost exclusively to TYPOlight, and I don't find it lacking in features. I actually just redesigned my own site with it -

  • I'm impressed with TYPOlight but it requires PHP 5 which my server does not yet have. pic

    Posted: Thursday, 1 March 2007 at 4:17PM (AEDT)

  • krush,

    You mentioned "I'm thinking of using a content management system rather than the standard Wordpress blog." and I am just curious as to your thoughts on this. Are you speaking of the basic WordPress install? Personally I have found that the Semiologic Pro upgraded version of Wordpress is very powerful and now there are many new options for layout including a single header with three columns sidebar/main/sidebar or sidebar/main etc....and with the Adspaces plugin you can have a lot of flexibility for displaying ads or other content. I wish I had know about Wordpress and Semiologic Pro many years ago....but if you haven't looked at SemPro lately it has changed a lot even over the last few months into a powerful solution.

    I have only explored a few of the CMS options but have found them overwhelming in options and layout, but that is for me and my limited knowledge. I really like the sounds of TYPOlight as I believe that pages need to be accessible and compliant to take us into the future. I am not handicapped but if I were I would be disappointed with my choices and options today with websites and frankly I am at the point where I don't know what I would do without the internet as it has become a big part of my life and business.
  • I've managed to use Wordpress as a CMS on a bunch of websites to the point where you don't notice it's wordpress at all. I explored a lot of possibilites before that including SPIP ( fantastic but hard learning curve), Snews ( was waiting for 1.5 back then), Joomla ( too much), MdPro ( not enough users) and e107 ( almost picked it).. at the end, wordpress won out and required a small hack to use it as a CMS and hide posts...
    Love it
  • I've tried Drupal, but I just do not get on with it's way of managing/organising things at the back end.
  • I've just started using Wordpress as a CMS. Does everything I need. However, it's probably nowhere near scalable enough for anything larger than a stupid net label.
  • edited March 2007
    @Wanderer - Have you checked to see if you host has php4 and php5 both running? Mine had that going, but they didn't announce it.

    @people that use WordPress as a cms
    I've heard a lot of people (in this forum and others) talk about using WordPress as a cms. I'm not challenging those who use it, but I'm curious if these things are possible or how they are handled:
    --> navigation and subnavigation (and can it go 3 or 4 levels deep when necessary)
    --> image management/display - can you easily add images in a 4 by 4 grid with auto thumbnail generation?
    --> form generator - is there a simple one built in?
    --> are multiple templates possible, say, for each site structure level?
    --> are there various "content elements"? for example, one for images, text, forms, accordions (like this -

    Just curious.
  • If you have php5 running on the box as well (e.g. 1and1 does have both) you can force
    'interpretation' of ALL php scripts in a certain directory as php5 (i.e. by PHP5).

    This solves a lot of security issues too (or so I'm told).
  • Tom - that's what I have with MediaTemple and another cPanel/WHM host that I use. It really makes things nice, so you don't have to get new hosting accounts for php5 applications.
  • TomTesterTomTester New
    edited March 2007
    Don't mention MT to me. Gridserver almost caused me to have a nervous breakdown.
    My life has been soooo much better since I left them.

    #RANT ON#
    I spent hours and hours trying to keep my site up. 20+ hours of downtime in a month
    and still no real apology or refund. MT support is LAZY, LIES & SUCKS.
    MediaTemple is (was) the worst company I've ever hosted with (IMNSHO).
    #RANT OFF#
  • Tom - sounds like you were involved in the beta program for Grid-Server. I've only been with MT for about a month, but I have yet to see my sites go down.
  • TomTesterTomTester New
    edited March 2007
    I surely FELT like I was in a beta program, the problem is I had to PAY for the privilige
    of bad service and slow/sloppy support. Tickets were not read, took 24 hours to get
    a reply and without fail referred to KB articles that did not apply. I ended up including
    a list of all KB articles in my tickets that I'd seen already, just to avoid the back and
    forth. It was truly terrible.

    I left about a month ago. A friend stayed, the service is more stable, but support still
    sucks he says (he is testing 1and1's new VPS service).

    Important: I strongly suggest you to put a site watcher on the thing. Try
    The thing with MT is not that the actual SERVER went down so much (ping is always up),
    but the SQL service never worked or was flaky. You need to check for the presence of
    expected page content. Every alarm I got from Pingdom was correct. Always the same
    SQL errors.

    Anyway, glad it happened in hindsight, my Vanilla test setup on the new location is 4x
    faster on the server level (using Mark's Timer add-on), and 2x faster as measure via
    FireBug. I get under 20 minute responses to even the silliest of tickets, and support
    at this new place is PROACTIVE. Worth every penny. (Note: this is not 1and1)
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