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favourite site

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whats your favourite site (design) using vanilla?


  • pong is definitely sweet... really nice theme
  • Well, untill today the standard design is my favorite. I'd like to see a vanilla forum with one or two well placed ad banners. It's quite difficult to place them well.
  • edited April 2007 is nice by Vincent. I like how the categories are above the discussions on the main page. I've been working on something similar.

    I'm pretty happy with what I was able to do so far - big fan of vanilla now. I began to work on some extensions but since it seems the next version of Vanilla may take care of a lot of issues, I'll wait for that.
  • Those categories above the discussions page is pretty cool. Hopefully they make an addon out of it and release it publically for everyone.
  • TomTesterTomTester New
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    This add-on (by thenotself) does just that: DiscussionHeading 0.1

    FWIW, it seems pong is abandoning vanilla (see their new testsite ?!?)
  • I made the categories on the front page before the DiscussionHeading addon was even made. Dunno where thenotself got the idea from... could he give us some insight?
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