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Tim · Operations · Vanilla Staff


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Administrator, Staff


  • Tim changed his profile picture.
    September 2011
    • Linc
      New tiny photo is tiny
  • NafisTrillHabib
    Hey Tim, I host a forum, Which is pretty popular, It has 450 members, 3000 posts & 1000 Threads, This is hosted on Mybb, but I want to switch to 'Vanilla Forums', Can you help me do so? Thank you
    August 2011
  • Todd
    Todd Tim
    Hey you hoopy frood.
    July 2011
  • Tim
    2.0.18 beta2 is available on GitHub right now!
    June 2011
  • Tim
    Trying hard to get 2.0.18 released, beta1 is available on GitHub right now!
    May 2011
  • shahidkarimi
    hi, I did extract the Voting folder to /plugins folder but cant see in the in the list of addons in the admin? Please tell me: karimi.shahid@gmail.com thanks in advance
    May 2011
  • Candanosa
    Hi, Tim. I just installed Proxyconnect and followed every instruction. I have tried installing it mny times. The thing is that it does allow me to log in to my website from the vanilla forums, but Im still logged out of them forum itself. So basically, I feel like I have it half way there. Can you help me resolve this, please? Thank you. Oh, btw, I'm running of Wordpress 3 and vanilla 2.18
    May 2011
  • Tim changed his profile picture.
    March 2011
    • luc
      In "Meet the Team" on the blog, the link for you goes to mark's page...
    • Jasla
      =。= so longtime to see any new version, are you have any plan about this recently?
  • ShawnJ
    Hi Tim, I'm an inexperienced user, with a WP site hosted by In-motion, and have added a Vanilla Forum. I'd love to install the ProxyConnect SSO plug-in, but after reading the install material, I'm still lost. Can't seem to find any helpful utility to install it either on WP plug-ins (not listed there), nor via the plug-in menu on my Vanilla forum (unlike the video tutorial you have). Can you help me? Thanks! Shawn
    March 2011
  • tonykahn
    HELP, when I entered the vanilla cookie domain in the wordpress plug in, I entered it incorrectly, now i can't log into wordpress at all, it just brings me back to the login page with no error. Is there an entry in a script i can change to correct this?
    March 2011
  • CrazyBird
    hello time, short question about the fileUpload- plugin: there are a few issuse about the plugin, one is that CLEditor is not displaying an image if you use the "insert image" plugin, just after you have saved the post. Another issue has to do with rights managment, will there be a new, fixed release for the plugin? I think images are a key feature for a forum software, and as long as it doesn't really work I can't use vanilla for production releases.
    March 2011