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  • Pages
    Gives you control over the menu and allows you to make custom menu items and integrated pages. Keep in mind this is a work in progress -- it's a bit rough around the edges, and there are several features missing.
    Application Version 0.5 Author NickE Downloads 2,612 Updated
  • Participated Threads
    Allows users to view a list of all the discussions they've participated in.
    Plugin Version 1.3.1 Author NickE Downloads 5,335 Updated
  • Page Manager
    This addon will allow administrators to add, edit and remove pages/tabs, their order, and who can view them (tabs and custom pages). Please note that default.php must be able to write and read to its own folder. If you are using mod_rewrite in your vanilla installation, add these lines to your .…
    Plugin Version 2.5.3 Author NickE Downloads 10,465 Updated
  • Preview Post
    Creates a button next to the 'Add your Comments' one which provides an AJAX-driven preview of the post in the desired format. The preview is made to look like a new comment, much like an AJAX-ified version of yay-hooray's preview system. This is an updated version of what the lussumo forum is run…
    Plugin Version 2.5.2 Author NickE Downloads 8,605 Updated
  • Signatures
    Provides users with the ability to have a small, one-line signature, which may include urls (in the form [url=bla]description[/url]). In addition, it adds a preference so users can disable signatures in all comments if they so wish. (screenshot coming) Please note that this requires a very small…
    Plugin Version 1.2 Author NickE Downloads 7,051 Updated
  • Comment Removal
    Allows administrators and comment/discussion authors to delete posts and discussions directly from the database (ie. no first hide then clean up procedure). Please be aware that this is a permission, so if you're an admin and you're not seeing any 'remove' button on posts, it's because you haven't…
    Plugin Version 2.1.2 Author NickE Downloads 8,006 Updated
  • New Discussions
    Adds a discussion filter which displays only unread discussions.
    Plugin Version 1.0 Author NickE Downloads 1,861 Updated
  • FlickrFeed
    Like Flickerizer, this extension adds a flickr photostream to your account page, but also utilizes a server-side cache to speed up load times and to use less of flickr's bandwidth.
    Plugin Version 1.0 Author NickE Downloads 1,652 Updated