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  • @garymardell Can't wait man, sounds great!
  • @Lincoln, nice, thanks! The notification thing sounds great, seriously love everything you guys add to the software
  • That's cool bro, I had exams this week lol, thank god that shit is over, good luck man! But yeah @crmarks's suggestions are all that are missing from the plugin imo, with those things it will be amazing and definetly worth paying for!
  • Is there a place where unfinished plugins are published so we can use them anyway? I'll be happy to help with the testing of these plugins as long as they don't have any security issues
  • I'll wait for the pro version Got a release date planned already bro?
  • Yeah 2$ for the pro version of that plugin would be great
  • @garymardell That would be great! Thanks!!
  • Yeah, I would like to know this too. Would like to have this ''who's online'' thing at the bottom of my website showing all the members and guests. Something like this: ''50 members and 200 guests browsing the forums'', then showing all the members…
  • @caerostris I tried searching for the problem so I went into the website source and this is the error I found regarding the Shoutbox: ''Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)'' Could it be that the permissio…
  • @Caerostris Alright I navigated to that file, it said ''should be done'' but the shoutbox is still empty Thanks alot for your help with this though, appreciate it.
  • @caerostris Alright man, thanks alot!
  • @Caerostris Could you please explain to me step by step how I do that? I'm not really great in managing the technical stuff of a forum Thanks.
  • @caerostris Yeah it exists Now that I look at the other plugins I've also noticed that the ''voting'' plugin isn't working. What could be wrong here?
  • @Caerostris Yeah I got all the permissions set. Plus my user ID is 1 so it should have all the permissions anyway right? When I click ''clear all'' nothing happens. The other two options work though but still don't see the shoutbox Thanks for your…
  • ^That link does not work. But thank you for the help. I'll definetly going to use Vanilla forums again now 8)
  • ^Ah alright yeah that's what I would like. But the thing is, unless there's multiple levels of categories I can't do much with the theming. Is it possible to have another subcategory underneath ''rock'' for example? If that is possible I can easily …
  • ^Ah that's great! Is it also possible to have those categories split into sections? Like do you see the black ''All categories'' text above the categories? Is it possible to have that black text multiple times throughouth the whole thing splitting i…
  • Hehe - okay, in short: yes it could be done, but it would have to be a plugin. There may be a way to do it in the theme alone, but that would be a bit hacky, and besides, it would make a great plugin. The thing about the RSS feed is this: can you a…
  • @Vegano Thanks I will try that out! @Judgej Whoa, that's like chinese to me haha. So is ''question 1'' possible to do or not? It would be a great plugin to cause it's basically the only real problem I think Vanilla has. The way it is right now is …
  • Damn, forgot my password to my other account already xD @Majoga, thanks man! Really appreciate it. Vanilla is SUCH a good forum to customize things in it. Goes really easy, unlike Vbulletin where you basically have to pay 500-1000$ to get someone to…