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  • Great to hear!
  • Actually I did not set it to open in a popup window or even a new window but you can easily change the link to do this by modifiying the "default.php" file.
  • Excellent to hear synfield!
  • Actually I would say the problem is how your server/relative path is working. The IF checks to see if the config is there if it doens't find the config where you say it is then it doesn't do anything if it does find it then it puts the stuff into th…
  • Hey Synfield Hey jkaufman3, I've been racking my brains on this one: if ($AccountUser) { $Panel->AddString("


  • Hi jkaufman3, everything looks perfectly fine but you sa it's not even showing up in the panel on the side or did I misunderstand you? Is it looking in the right place for your lace config? I mean if you take out the "if" statement which checks for…
  • THe first zip removes lace_1 and lace_926 the lace_1 is for Vanilla 1 (I'll have to make that clearer). Both work basically the same way though by setting the cookie for Lace from Vanilla - so be sure your cookie values in the default.php match tho…
  • great to hear!
  • Try it with IE, sounds funny but I had a problem that in FF I could not get some features to work the AJAX stuff was just not working properly. In IE though it was working and I was able to set some config stuff and now I can use FF normally.
  • Hey Bozzy we get that you have a problem but come on stop writing the same thing into every thread remotely related. Check your file permissions for the different directories and sub folders also check the owner of the files, if that doesn't seem t…
  • let me know if you hit any problems my v1 install is a bit "strange" at the moment.
  • Just updated the Add-Ons - Lace is now available for 1.0 as well as - just download the ZIP contains both.
  • I'll see if my host will allow it, I see either my user or "nobody".
  • After making my saves I've had to go in and change the file permissions on the files to read only to avoid them being overwritten - which was happening everytime I added a new extension or sometimes when I would click on a link inside the site - I w…
  • Sadly - I just tried it in IE and it worked so I think it was a client side problem in FF
  • I've got a similiar problem, using FF, the conf directory is 777, the files inside are the proper owner and also 777 but they won't save.
  • It must be the way that v1 works with the extensions I know there were changes in that area.
  • It's not a complicated extension but I've not tried it with anything but
  • If you are going for the Google Calendar I would use the RSS feed for a "Shared Public" one, it wouldn't be a "mini calendar" but that together with the Feeds extension and you've saved yourself a ton of time. MIght also want to use this: http://go…
  • Or this one http://lussumo.com/addons/?PostBackAction=AddOn&AddOnID=12
  • I altered the standard theme for basically just that and provided it as a second style for my users, I needed more reds than blue.
  • No big lose, helps if I read first though :-) again no biggie and excellent extension.
  • @michaelontheroof Very nice extension - however without realizing it I killed some other user defined labels that were already there :-) no prob though. Make sure you get yours up in the new add-ons area!
  • That's a good point. Perhaps I just won't bother then, although I set the cookie each and everytime the page loads (which would mean the name change would go work) I probably won't bother I don't have a lot of usage anyway :-)
    in chatroom Comment by ccmehil April 2006
  • Lace is pretty cool - I created an extension which set's the lace cookie from my vanilla forum so when they click they jump over into Lace logged in as their vanilla user now just gotta disable the name change box in lace itself so they don't chan…
    in chatroom Comment by ccmehil April 2006
  • Lace doesn't look to bad, if my users ever start logging in again LOL (I think I confused a bit much) maybe I'll give it a go.
    in chatroom Comment by ccmehil March 2006
  • None of mine seem to have a problem with using IE?
    in chatroom Comment by ccmehil March 2006
  • @fernando - What do mean like Chatr many IE users are out of luck?
    in chatroom Comment by ccmehil March 2006
  • http://lussumo.com/community/discussion/1859/ I used Chatr which is simply and easy, made a plugin for Vanilla as well
    in chatroom Comment by ccmehil March 2006
  • Working now - great!