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  • Ok that is good, only I'm not too sure where this is being changed inside the Voting plugin? Can't find anything immediately obvious changing this.
  • Yes it does as it allows you to list them by vote as well as date posted. Thus you wouldn't want to see the last post as it might not be the best one. I can understand it, but it's infuriating.
  • Even over multiple pages? edit: just literally worked out what it is; Voting Plugin. Disabled it directs to the last read post. But I really want it enabled. Will have to have a look at the code tomorrow and try to work it through.
  • hbf said: to the original question: if a user is logged in, clicking on the discussion in the discussions list should always take you to the first unread post. it should not take you to page 1 each time. This is not the case and never ha…
  • Exactly what I was doing, yet I can't find the element in any of the three linked CSS files. I must be a total tool or something but I can't figure it out. There's no way Vanilla is caching the theme is there? It's not locally caching.
  • Ok that looks far from easy so I will have to have a look later in the week. Just spent an hour trying to remove a border from around my categories which randomly appeared after updating to 2.0.18. It's still there and I'm none the wiser.
  • Ah right well, late reply I'm sorry, you'd just delete the content within the { } brackets and then replace it with display:none, like so: .FollowsBox { display:none; } .AnswersBox { background: #353536; margin-righ…
  • Not sure what exactly you're suggesting here. Can't find anything on hooks in the documentation, wouldn't have the first idea where to place this code!
  • Hi, sorry for my late reply and thanks for your reply. I have installed the new version from your repository, and now cannot see it at all! I imagine this is because it is hosted on another page, but I do not know where.
  • That seemed to do the job, nice one Also, if you add border-top-left-radius: 2px; border-bottom-left-radius: 2px; -webkit-border-top-left-radius: 2px; -webkit-border-bottom-left-radius: 2px; -moz-border-radius-topleft: 2px; -moz-border-radiu…