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yofal New

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  • Hmmm…we're creating users manually and sending their credentials via email. Not sure how to "pre-fill" user IDs…good idea though.
  • Hey Peregrine - it looks like meta is the way to do it. Thanks! Now the remaining problem seems to be setting these two prefs to TRUE for new users. Adding the lines discussed above to the config file did not work. So, one more nut to crack - …
  • Thanks Peregrine - I'll give it a shot!
  • So I guess that brings me to the question - can I add a preference state to all members records? Most of them have not made any changes - but a few have. I'm fine to let them edit the preference state after the fact, but need them to have the option.
  • Peregrine - I already had a set of predetermined settings for the standing 8 notification preferences…I was just look to set a desired preference for the extra two that checking "Advanced Notification" adds. I'm still not sure that we're looking at …
  • Pamela - no, they appear for other user types as well...
  • peregrine said: be careful: Thanks - I know it probably seems mad - but the forum is set up as a group discussion for a finite set of professionals - very low traffic, very few posts - and no one ever pokes their head in to see what's goi…
  • There is an option when setting user permissions for Garden to allow "Advanced Notification". As I understand it, this gives the user a couple new notification preferences, notably "Notify me when people start new discussions." and "Notify me when p…
  • Sorry, my mistake. I assumed it would appear in a floating box like it does in the default theme. I see now that it just appears within the comment box.
    in Preview? Comment by yofal January 2012
  • Thanks for that, but alas, it had no effect. I've tested it now on Safari, Firefox and Chrome and there just isn't any preview pane popping. When you logged in were you able to see a preview?
    in Preview? Comment by yofal January 2012
  • Sure. bedfordknowledgeexchange.com user: rounder pass: rounder
    in Preview? Comment by yofal January 2012
  • That is extraordinarily helpful of you - cheers!