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  • Do I need to load a google gadget library on my Debian web server which is hosting VF, such as http://code.google.com/p/google-gadgets-for-linux/ ?
  • @Mark, would you have a moment to join this discussion as you are the creator of the plugin?
  • In fact, I'm wondering if this is being loaded properly. The auto-generated script calls the remote.js file, but the actual Google Gadget instantiation code is in EmbedVanillaPlugin::PluginController_Gadget_Create() -- where the required line is lo…
  • @peregrine said: don't know if this is a browser specific issue or not? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1814130/google-wave-gadget-gadgets-window-is-undefined gadgets.util.registerOnLoadHandler(gadgets.window.adjustHeight) …
  • Thanks @peregrine -- will try that later today or tomorrow and report back the results.
  • 422 said: vanilla has a built in search field Thank you 422. How do I implement it? I'd like to place it at the top of the categories page. There's no documentation I've been able to find as of yet.
  • UnderDog said: last & final bump @Lincoln, @Todd, @x00, @peregrine, @422 @PhilAG show your opinions please :-) Apologies, just logged in for the first time in a while and saw your bump. I'll have to look at my profile settings to see …
  • @UnderDog: yes, please accept this answer: http://vanillaforums.org/discussion/comment/157786#Comment_157786 My thing is that Vanilla keeps popping up a Growl-ish box saying "you must accept or reject comments". I answered my question, I've like…
  • As I answered my own question, how should I proceed with all of the other posts in this topic? Am I doing the correct thing in liking, but rejecting each of them?
  • UnderDog said: Thanks for the article. I have a question: One of those files you'll be renaming is class.skeletoncontroller.php -- it'll now be class.myappcontroller.php. In that file, add an index method Does that mean …
  • Done: http://vanillawiki.homebrewforums.net/index.php/Hello_World_Application peregrine said: thanks nice overview so you created applications/agvanilla Sounds like you know what you are doing it would be great if you p…
  • I finally figured out what was going on. Here's how the file structure needs to be: After copying the skeleton application and renaming all references to 'skeleton' to whatever the new controller will be known as ('agvanilla' in this situation) …
  • UnderDog said: So what I usually do is figure out why that top statement isn't 'active' and therefore the code generates a 404 error. It means looking at the $PluginManagerHasReplacementMethod variable, the _ControllerMethod variable, etc, etc …
  • UnderDog said: philAG said: Results of debug_print_backtrace() in the : Can you do exactly the same, but then for the 404 error page, please :-) Ok: #0 Gdn_Dispatcher->Dispatch() called at [/media/sf_vanilla…
  • peregrine said: Before you wrote your application and modified various programs, what was the exact url that took you to the discussions page and did it work? If I just go to: http:/// It takes me to the discussions front page.
  • UnderDog said: I've never written a new application for Vanilla, so I can only help you think in the right direction. Maybe, just maybe the problem has to do with routing, but I'm not sure. Let's focus on another thing first. Before…