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  • see this https://vanillaforums.org/discussion/32822/vanilla-2-3-is-now-available
  • @sz1hosting said: And if the mods could update softaculous so it doesn't break the forum? Login softaculous and update that is what needs to be done i don't like doing things manually i like an easy life. Click click done! I know i must sound lik…
  • @sz1hosting said: I have advanced technicians for difficult stuff but can not ask them to fix my personal site need to do that myself, if your so clever how to fix the issue as you clearly have no clue and you are telling me to check error lo…
  • Everything goign back to index implies a routing issue. Again server admin skill can help. You are running nginx, look at your server rules. Are you using reverse proxy. Note have even read the release note as to which environment are tested on? …
  • what makes you think they haven't tested it properly? It has been through a long beta test, and release candidate it has been tested for many months. Apha testing over years. Note they can only test the core, they can't test against thing like…
  • using dot syntax for you url scheme sucks. Not sure why you are using so many external resources, but define some constants or config values. External resources could be moved anywhere.
  • use $sender->Head->addCss( [absolute url] );
  • @fer this functionality is now in the core.
  • Ok I apologise then, this sort of necro posting makes me suspicious.
  • @VanillaBoy91 said: Namecheap is definitely the best service for this. No it isn't. For one the OP was not asking for a domain registrar. Your necro-posting comes across as spammy.
  • Well if they are are logged in simply https://vanillaforums.org/messages/inbox?DeliveryMethod=JSON https://vanillaforums.org/messages/inbox?DeliveryMethod=JSON&DeliveryType=DATA no need for additional security. You wouldn't display this infor…
  • should use Target not HTTP_REFERER which can be set to anything.
  • what has this got to do with vanilla?
  • I have no indexed this discussion becuase of the context spammer. Once the spam content is removed then the no-index can be removed.
  • There are a number of way you can do this. Access you can extend the Authorisation and Connection options.
  • Ok I understand you are talking about transliteration or romanticisation. .
  • Present encoding is a way of preserving encoding. Browsers are under no obligation to render characters outside of url encoding, servers are under no obligation to accept them. Browser usually convert percent encoding visually in the address bar,…
  • iframes are the ideal way to sandbox and are also SEO friendly these days. it is not really just an iframe there is scripting behind it. better than an iframe is to simply theme you forum to fit in with your site. you can't really run two fram…
  • submit a pull request.
  • with jQuery