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  • @rbrahmson , strange. I am on 2.2 and had the issue. Thanks for updating the plugin!
  • @excuse_me I had this issue and still do. I have to press and hold the edit button for ~2 seconds and then release. This then takes me to the edit page. Not sure what is causing it.
  • I'm not seeing "Garden.Format.Hashtags" in config.php. Any ideas?
  • The link shows this information: Settings I think there is only supposed to be one slash in between settings and Hashtag. When I use the link without the second slash, I get to the s…
  • @R_J Please see my github. Two files have been edited that show what I am trying to accomplish: post.php class.newreview.plugin.php You can run the plugin to see what I am going for.
  • @R_J I want to take the fields that are in the 'HowToFormValidate' plugin and put them all in the body of the discussion when the post is made.
  • Couldn't do it. I thought I would be able to pass the TextBox inputs to the BodyBox() argument and have it post. It did not work.
  • Give me a few hours. I think I'm close. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  • I'll look again. I was trying to wrap the fields (FieldA, FieldB, etc.) followed by a line break between each field to the BodyBox.
  • I'll upload by update 'NewReview' plugin code in a bit. @rbrahmson I am not looking to display it in the discussion meta area. I want to copy the contents of the fields (FieldA, FieldB, etc.) to the body box. When the review is posted, the po…
  • @R_J Thanks. Very insightful. @rbrahmson and @R_J , I was looking at your code for the 'PrefixDiscussion' plugin. I am trying to mimic this section of code: public function base_beforeDiscussionName_handler ($sender) { if (!che…
  • @R_J What is the difference between: discussionController and postController ? Thanks for the valuable info. I'm putting some things up on the GitHub in a bit for anyone to check out / test when they can.
  • @R_J What is the difference between postController and discussionController ?
  • @rbrahmson said: based on your description you can use the discussion prefix plugin as a model to create your plugin. You simply have more fields but the hooks are all there. @rbrahmson I'm deciding between this and using the approach yo…
  • What do you want to customize? Some of the functionality may already be there. I suggest you click the link above that says 'Addons' and take a look around. Many plugins may be available that fit your customization needs.
  • Here is an example of what would be outputted: // the 3rd - 5th entries are populated after the user selects the 2nd item from a drop-down list Product: 2nd Field: 3rd Field: 4th Field: 5th Field: Field A: Field B: Field C: Brief Desc…
  • Essentially what I want is when the "New Review" discussion button is clicked it takes you to a new discussion where the form body has a drop-down list, user entry fields, etc.. The user then picks some elements from a drop down list which will popu…
  • Will study this. Thanks, @rbrahmson !
  • Just to give an update and to say thanks for dealing with my growing pains: I used the pre-built settings in YAGA to have a button moderators can click on a thread when it is a 'review'. This awards the user with a premium credit redeemable in th…
  • @Bleistivt Thanks. I'll look into the last bit on execution of the button insertion. I've just now created a Github. I don't know how to contribute.